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 The Berms

Hole #1     Par 4     326yds     321yds     315yds


The Berms Course starts with a relatively short Par 4.  Accuracy is key off the tee as trees line both sides of the fairway.  You should be left with a short iron approach to a green that slopes from back to front.   This is a great hole to get your round off to a good start!




Hole #2     Par 5     549yds     471yds     461yds


This dogleg left Par 5 is the longest hole on the course.  An accurate tee shot must be played to avoid the large berms on either side of the fairway.  Choose your club wisely for your second shot to set up a comfortable approach.  The green is guarded by a large tree on the left and a bunker right.  Be sure to play enough club as the false front will return any shot landing on the front edge of the green.




Hole #3     Par 3     160yds     150yds     141yds


This downhill Par 3 will play shorter than the distance will show.  The green slopes from front to back and right to left and is also protected in the front by bunkers right and left.  Be wary as if you go long, your ball will roll down a large hill leaving a tough uphill chip shot.




Hole #4     Par 4     364yds     353yds     271yds


This dogleg right Par 4 requires a straight tee ball to set up a mid iron for your approach.  Long ball hitters may cut the corner off the tee to set up a short iron for the approach.  Beware as out of bounds protects the right side of the hole. Approach shots will play longer to an elevated green.  




Hole #5     Par 3     167yds     159yds     150yds


This Par 3 will play slightly longer into an elevated and narrow green.  Distance control is key as any shot short will roll back down the hill and a ball long will end up in the bushes.  The green is also protected by bunkers right and left.




Hole #6     Par 4     390yds     342yds     284yds


This uphill Par 4 is definitely the most challenging of the Par 4s on The Berms Course.  After a well hit drive over the pond you will be left with a long iron into this elevated green which slopes slopes from back to front.  If possible, try to stay below the hole as 3 putts are a common occurance on this hole.




Hole #7     Par 4     361yds     297yds     291yds


This downhill Par 4 will provide a nice break after the challenging Par 4 6th hole. However, do not get caught napping with the approach shot as water looms to the right of the green and a sand trap protects the left side.  Play your approach shot to the left center of the green as the green slopes from left to right.




Hole #8     Par 5     476yds     420yds     385yds


This slight dogleg left Par 5 will create a great opportunity to make a birdie.  A long drive off the tee could create a long to mid iron second shot to the green.  A bunker protects the left side of the fairway for those looking to cut the corner. Those who opt to lay up with their second shot will have a short third shot into the green which is guarded left and right by bunkers.




Hole #9    Par 4     356yds     346yds     301yds


This dogleg left Par 4 requires some accuracy off the tee as the left side of the hole is protected by berms and out of bounds.  The ideal aiming point is the restaurant building.  Approach shots will play true to distance to a green that is protected by a bunker on the right side.



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